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Trim Tearlessy and Fearlessly with Baby Comfy Nail

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Updated 2:00 AM CDT, Tue, July 12,2016

Baby Comfy Care’s New Patented Single-blade Design Allows for Baby Nail Upkeep in a Safe, Quick, and Easy Way

Longmont, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2016 -- Caring for a baby is a serious undertaking which entails a tremendous amount of responsibility, self-education, and compassion. From head to toe – a baby's physical well-being should be of the utmost concern to parents and a baby's nails are no exception to this. Pediatricians recommend trimming a baby's nails at least once a week so that they don't hurt themselves by scratching their faces and eyes. Baby nail clippers on the market have lights, special handles, magnifying glasses and more which are all supposed to make clipping a baby's nails easier. While that's all well and good, this still doesn't solve the biggest problem: the blade. Fortunately, there is one product on the market that takes into account perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to baby nail clippers.

Baby Comfy Nail clippers by Baby Comfy Care are the number one clippers when it comes to a safe, easy, and quick way to cut babies' nails – it's a total reinvention of the baby nail clipper. With a patented single blade technology that won't cut babies' skin, Baby Comfy Nail clippers are ahead of the game. The smooth bottom ledge holds babies' fingertips safely back so only the nail gets cut – not the skin. The bottom ledge also extends out just enough so that one can't cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed. On top of all this, Baby Comfy Nail is larger than standard nail clippers – making it easier to hold and operate. The final result is a baby that stays safe with nails that are trimmed easily and in no time!

"We like to think the fact that we're both parents had a little something to do with why we came up with this new and innovative product," jested Baby Comfy Care's Peter Champe of he and his wife Elise who run the company together. "But in all seriousness, our founding principles are truly based on designing products we want for our own child and we are grateful to have the chance to share these with others."

The new Baby Comfy Nail clippers are a perfect gift to pick up for baby showers or just for oneself. They'll save plenty of time and give a great peace of mind. Trim tearlessly and fearlessly with BabyComfyNail clippers and pick up a pair (or two or three) at Baby Comfy Care's website today!

About Baby Comfy Care
Baby Comfy Care is a husband and wife company that creates better baby products inspired by their own parenting experiences. They share the same high-quality, safe, non-toxic brilliant baby solutions that they insist on for their own children. Peter & Elise's son Benjamin was their inspiration for their first product Baby Comfy Nose which was based on a technique derived from the wisdom of some indigenous cultures. Since then, they've gone on to develop Baby Comfy Nail clippers which has a patented single blade technology Baby Comfy Gummi teething jewelry and Baby Comfy Sun Protection Clothing line including products such as Comfy Poncho or Baby Comfy Sun Sleeves. Based in Colorado, Baby Comfy Care is glad to share its innovative line of products with parents and their children the world over.

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