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Parents Can Now Monitor Their Babies Round the Clock

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Updated 8:30 PM CDT, Fri, June 05,2015

The COSANSYS Digital Baby Monitor Camera Comes With Many Interesting Features

Shenzhen, Tianhong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 -- Parents who have very young babies may be interested in this news. The COSANSYS 2.4GHz Wireless Digital LCD Color Baby Monitor Camera is now available for them so they can monitor their babies or young children round the clock.

This is a new product and the makers proudly say that it is of very high quality. They also assert that the digital video and audio signals between the camera and the baby video monitor are highly secure and therefore , there will not be any interference at all.

The monitor is rechargeable and it comes with an ENERGY-STAR qualified adapter. Since there is the feature of night vision, it allows parents to monitor their children even during the nights. There is also the standby mode that permits the users to turn off the screen of their monitors so they will be alerted only when the child makes a noise.

Another amazing feature with this Baby Monitor Camera is it can help soothe the child with lullabies. Since the camera comes with a built-in infrared night vision, parents need not have any worries about dark nights because they can see and take care of their children even in the dark.

The video baby camera and the monitor have a wireless connection. The transmission range without any blocks of this wireless connection is is 50 meters indoor and 260 meters outdoor.

The company takes pride in emphatically saying that this new 2.0" LCD color baby monitor is an amazingly ideal product that can be useful for parents as well as nannies for monitoring their babies. In other words, they can do portable monitoring of their babies absolutely without any hassles.

The device comes with a baby phone for the sake of making available the talk function and a music player also. When the baby cries or makes a noise, the built-in lullabies on the device will soothe the baby. Parents and other users can handle the device easily. They can adjust the volume and make use of the alarm function on it. They can reset the parent unit and set the date and time also. The device can be used for monitoring the temperature also so they can make suitable adjustments to the ambiance of the place where the child sleeps. This baby camera monitor is a high contrast 2.0" color LCD monitor.

About COSANSYS Baby Monitor Camera
COSANSYS Baby Monitor Camera helps parents and nannies monitor their babies or young children round the clock. The device can be handled easily and it comes with several interesting features like night vision, in-built lullabies for soothing crying babies, and so on.

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