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New Guidelines Will Be Boon for Children

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Updated 1:57 PM CST, Tue, December 15,2015

A new set of voluntary guidelines by an attorney association could a real help for children

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2015 -- A set of voluntary guidelines that spell out how children should be treated when their parents separate is a good thing, said LA family law attorney Maureen Stubbs.

Among other things, the guidelines have several sets of parenting plans approved by courts. These can be used as a guide by judges considering minor children when their parents separate.

"Every case is different and ever case deserves to be treated as unique. But a set of guidelines is a good idea. It spells out what has worked in the past and what didn't work so well. Judges, attorneys and the two people involved in the relationship can look these over and see what will work in their situation," she said.

The guidelines hope to bring a sense of calm and rationality to a process that is often filled with emotion and ill feelings. Ms. Stubbs said when minor children are involved, both sides in the dispute need to be reminded regularly that their first obligation is to the children.

"Often seeing something in black and white from a completely disinterested third part can defuse a situation. When both sides see the same thing and realize it is there for the benefit of the children, they can calm down," Ms. Stubbs said.

The suggested guidelines by the national attorney association don't carry the force of law, something everyone needs to understand, she said. If the couple can agree to something, then it can be enforceable. If they can't agree and a judge makes a ruling, whatever the judge says becomes enforceable.

"Having a set of guidelines, suggestions and recommendations does make things easier sometimes," said the expert in California family law.

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