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MamaBear Recaps Child Protective Services Findings in Free Range Parenting Case

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Updated 7:45 AM CDT, Wed, March 18,2015

Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2015 -- Parenting is back in the news as Child Protective Services recently issued their findings in a Maryland case that many consider a normal situation for free range parents, those parents that believe children should be allowed to explore the world at their own pace and freedom.

CPS found parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv responsible for "unsubstantiated" child neglect after their children, ages 10 and 6, were picked up by local law enforcement while walking home from a nearby park with their parents' permission.

To make parents aware of this case and the concept of free range parenting, MamaBear®, The Ultimate Parenting App™ recaps the story in a new blog post titled "Safety Ideas For Free Range Parents, Helicopter Parents and Those in Between."

The article looks at the background of the Meitivs' child neglect case and uses the story as lead into the important topic of child safety for all parenting styles.

"There are no instructions when it comes to parenting. Every parent should embrace a parenting philosophy that fits their values and matches the needs of their family and children," said MamaBear CEO Suzanne Horton. "Our MamaBear app is a tool for all parenting styles."

"Parenting style isn't one size fits all. We want to share this story with our readers so they can see examples of varying levels of protection parents provide for their kids and decide what is right for them," Horton continued.

Rather than tell their readers which philosophy is best, the MamaBear article presents options for how parents can protect their children and connect their families in this complex social and digital parenting age.

Horton explained, " We are giving parents tools such as social media monitoring, family mapping, location alerts, the ability to set 'safe and restricted places' so that kids can be easily located, and a variety of ways to understand your child's digital life. These tools create and all-in-one, easy and convenient helper for any parenting style. And in this evolving legal environment where parents can now be held legally responsible for what their kids on doing on social media as well as be held negligent for allowing children to walk home alone under a certain age MamBear is becoming a more critical tool for parents to have in their parenting arsenal."

To read about the Meitivs' case and discover more information on how you can protect and connect your family, find the full article on the MamaBear Blog at:

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