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Kindergarten Managers Purchasing Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometers

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Updated 12:13 PM CST, Thu, March 10,2016

Warrant Guard announced the continued availability of their baby thermometer "Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer" which is available only at Amazon. More information can be found at

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2016 -- Warrant Guard today announced that sales statistics show that when Kindergarten Managers are buying their child and baby thermometers, they are choosing to purchase Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer through Amazon.

This is heartening news for the developers of Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer, as the sales mark Warrant Guard's first demographic shift to people other than parents or those buying gifts for new parents. Everyone within the business was excited when the statistics emerged, as they feel that "this shows that our product is proving popular for not causing children alarm, discomfort or injury. This is a very safe to use thermometer which is flexible to use as it can measure in either Celsius or Fahrenheit."

Deena Kay, Top 1000 Amazon reviewer, when asked about Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer said:

"I have worked in the early childhood education field for over 15 years so I have used plenty of these types of thermometers before. There are several things that make this one really helpful."

For example, it features a "cute frog on the end". Deena Kay said "This was important because a child who isn't feeling well and would rather NOT have their temperature taken, a friendly and cute looking frog can make all the difference". This will be great news for our buyers because it lets the adult take the child's temperature without fuss from the little patient.

Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer will also actually beep when the temperature is recorded. This was obviously included so you don't have to rely on looking at a tiny little light or digital figure to stop flashing. Child carers should be pleased with this as it lets you know it has finished taking temperature in a much easier way.

One final piece of information being seen as a good thing was that the new baby thermometer also has a soft finished tip that goes into the mouth which is flexible – developers decided this was critical to the final product because kids tend to bite down on them. Child carers especially Kindergarten Staff appear to enjoy this particularly, as the thermometer is proving safe and gentle for use on children of all ages.

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