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Jumpster Launched to Provide UK Parents with Useful Guide to Safe Trampolines for Kids

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Updated 12:15 PM CDT, Thu, April 23,2015 has been created to provide an in-depth guide to trampolines for parents, grading offerings on both their capacity for fun and their safety features to create the ultimate trampoline resource.

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2015 -- Spring has sprung and it's given many people a little extra spring in their step. Children in particular want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, and what better way to enjoy active time than by bouncing on a trampoline. Some parents are understandably cautious of the dangers of trampolining, as poor quality frames can leave gaps to fall into or pitch children off onto the hard ground beneath. Jumpster has just been launched to help people find high quality, safe and enjoyable trampolines, through a new resource centre publishing regular consumer reviews.

The site has a full and comprehensive set of resources, introducing the trampoline to those who may have never considered one before. It includes articles on all the parts of a trampoline, a guide to the best positioning for a trampoline, important information on trampoline safety and more.

Of course, the most immediately actionable of the resources is the online buying guide, which gives people insight into where it is best to purchase a high quality, safe and enjoyable trampoline in the UK. The site also publishes regular reviews of individual trampolines to help people make an informed buying decision.

A spokesperson for Jumpster explained, "Jumpster is proud to be able to provide a single source for all the information parents could need when considering investing in a trampoline. The site has been created specifically to make information on trampolines accessible, and to help people make informed purchasing decisions. In order to achieve this, we have covered all the bases, understanding trampolines from the inside out and sharing that understanding in an easy to read, plain English site. Updates will be regular, so users should bookmark the page and check back often for the latest news."

About Jumpster
Jumpster is a new online resource center that has been created has been created to review trampoline products and get children active in the outdoors in a safe and exciting way. Parents in particular will find the guide useful, informative and impartial. Their aim is to create the ultimate resource for making informed purchasing decisions when buying a trampoline. The site is regularly updated by a dedicated team of reviewers.

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