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IVF Sunrise Now Helps Solve the Infertility Problem

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Updated 1:30 AM CST, Thu, January 14,2016

Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2016 -- According to recent reports, around 17% of married couples are unable to conceive a child nowadays. There are different factors that can trigger this problem, although, the most frequent are those associated with the reproductive system disorders and other health issues, which may not allow a woman to carry and give birth to a healthy child. IVF Sunrise has found a superb decision to the infertility problem in men and women, offering them the surrogate motherhood option.

IVF Sunrise is a reputable Russia-based surrogacy agency, which provides the best solution for infertile couples and individuals. The agency works with the best fertility and IVF clinic, the basic mission of which is to help people become happy parents. This is what the representatives of the agency tell about it: "Surrogate motherhood is a procedure, which has been practiced for years helping individuals and family couples become happy parents. The success of this procedure has made the IVF the accepted and recognized solution for people, who are unable to conceive a child."

There are lots of important issues associated with the procedure of surrogate motherhood. Apart from finding women willing to become surrogate mothers, it is crucial to handle diverse legal and pregnancy issues in the most effective way. This is where the professional assistance of the IVF Sunrise specialists will come in handy to you. They guide a client through every step of this complicated process, starting with the choice of the best surrogate mother, handling the complex of legal issues and up to the birth of the baby.

The experts working for the IVF Sunrise monitor each case individually, making the clients aware of everything that is going on in their particular situation. They provide them with detailed reports, including the embryological state reports, ultrasound photos of the baby, embryo transfer info as well as medical issues and health condition of both a surrogate mother and a baby. The clinic employs devoted professionals, who use the latest methods meant to ensure the best results when it comes to efficient infertility treatment and egg donation.

The agency provides a wide selection of high quality services, including surrogacy for singles and family couples, IVF, gender selection, PGD, egg donation, frozen shipping etc. They have a rich database of carefully selected egg donors, who undergo thorough medical examination before being included into the list. "At our agency, every single step of IVF with your decision to perform the procedure to the actual birth of the baby is carefully monitored. We clearly understand that every client is unique, so we don't offer any "one-size-fits-all" solutions here", - point out the experts of the agency.

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About IVF Sunrise
IVF Sunrise is a leading surrogate mother and egg donation agency for international clients based in Russia. The main mission of the clinic is to help family couples and individuals, who are unable to conceive a child, become happy parents. The agency is famous for the great rate of pregnancies, the number of which is much higher as compared to those registered in other surrogate agencies. The clinic has an extensive database of egg donors. It also offers a long list of high quality services, including IVF, surrogate motherhood, PGD, frozen shipping, egg donation, gender selection etc.

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