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iPracticeMath Covers More Than Just the Basics with an Extended Curriculum

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Updated 2:00 AM CDT, Tue, September 27,2016

Online Math Teaching Program Continues to Push the Educational Envelope with Additional Features

Edison, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2016 -- For many students in the United States, math is consistently reported as one of the most difficult subjects to learn. Teachers do their best to aid students in the classroom, but oftentimes one teacher cannot dedicate as much individualized time as they may wish to. iPracticeMath, an online learning program, is dedicated to finding the additional help that students need to polish existing math skills and to learn new ones. Available to students in grades K-9, iPracticeMath features specialized programs that cater to each grade and skill level.

Recently, the service has added new components to continue to improve an already successful learning tool. Along with existing features such as practice tests, 24-hour online math help and worksheets, iPracticeMath recently introduced lessons on PEMDAS (Order of Operations), Rate and Percentage, Factors and Multiples, improved online quizzes, and added a feature on Real Numbers on the Learn page. In addition, the expansion of high school math with highlights on calculus and trigonometry is coming in the near future.

Co-founder James Smith knows that continuing the expansion and fine-tuning of the programs will be the key to students' future successes in the study of mathematics. "Learning math starts from a young age," he shared. "With the help of our program, kids can start learning the basics as young as Kindergarten. Once you have the foundations of math, it is easier to build upon those when you reach the older grade levels." Smith felt that the addition of the new features will also improve students' knowledge and success while learning math. "We continue to better our website by adding new tools, skills, and lessons. We aim to make learning math fun and exciting."

To learn more about the features available including worksheets, lessons, quizzes, FAQs for parents, and real-time progress reports, visit iPracticeMath's official Website.

Learning math can be fun, interesting and rewarding when students utilize iPracticeMath, and the iPracticeMath team is continuing to advance and design new tools for optimal math performance improvement. Continue to check back on the website for even more up-to-date features.

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iPracticeMath was an idea that stemmed from a group of innovative engineers who were passionate about sharing their knowledge in an accessible, understandable and fun way for students of all ages, grades, and skill sets. Since 2012, iPracticeMath has been fulfilling its goal of helping children to develop, learn and reinforce core math skills by providing a powerful online tool that enables students to be prepared and confident.

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