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Dim Sum and Doughnuts - a New Blog with a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

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Updated 3:34 PM CDT, Mon, June 06,2016

West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2016 -- Robyn Coden is the straight-shooting, cake-eating, mistake-making voice behind "Dim Sum & Doughnuts," a blog that focuses on parenting, growing up and Robyn's life with her family at their summer camp in Northern Michigan. Robyn is the mother of one adopted daughter and one biological daughter. You never know what you're going to get with Robyn—sometimes controversial, sometimes comedic, but always a voice that's powerfully honest and entertaining.

Robyn's mom died when she was 13 years old and over the years she had told her bits and pieces about her but, unfortunately, she didn't remember much. "That makes me sad—not just for me but also for my mom," expressed Robyn. "I'm not planning on going anywhere, but life is weird and just in case something crazy happens, I want my kids to have more than my mom had."

Dim Sum and Doughnuts was born. "I want them to know me, so this blog is for my daughters."

Robyn's family lives in the suburbs of Detroit. Robyn sometimes pinches herself wondering how she is there and not living in Manhattan where she always thought she would be, but that is Robyn's life never knowing what you are going to get. During the summer the family heads to Northern Michigan to an overnight camp for kids where Robyn's husband, Mark (Cody) is one of the owners/directors. Camp life was not a natural fit for me, but if you asked any of the counselors who many were once campers they would never say that about Robyn.

"Cody and I met in 2002 when I wasn't paying attention. I was with some friends, I had just finished exercising, I was kind of gross, but he fell for me anyway. I thought Cody was the coolest guy ever when I met him, and I still do."

Cody and Robyn have a daughter, Frankie, whom they adopted from Chongqing, China in March of 2008. Frankie was 11 months old when she became a part of Cody and Robyn's lives. "We had absolutely no idea what we were doing as parents," laughed Robyn. "Especially to a kid who was adopted. I made a lot of mistakes and there were days that I second guessed why anyone would give me a child."

"We also have another daughter, Jaye, who was born in Petosky, Michigan in late June of 2009. I hated every moment of being pregnant but JJ came out sweet and caring and sensitive and scrumptious, and she still is (except when she's not.)"

Robyn doesn't claim to be a parent expert and don't call her a mom blogger. She wrote her first blog "FuLan-Mania! A blog of Chinese Adoption and Clueless Parents" during the first year with Frankie so her adoption and first year with would be documented. "After that, I started because I had visions of Jaye one day calling me out: "Why didn't you ever do a blog on ME? You love Frankie more than me!! Buy me a car."

So, Dim Sum and Doughnuts was born. "This blog is my way of preserving myself and memories for my family while sharing experiences and connecting with others. One day, many years from now, it will be good for my girls to have this. They will know how much I loved them and how much I loved these days.

Well, some of the days. Some days I don't love so much. But that's life.

About Dim Sum and Doughnuts
What is Dim Sum and Doughnuts? It's a family business. With a mission is to raise awareness by using the Coden family experiences and leading by example. Dim Sum and Doughnuts will only represent things they believe in as a family.


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