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Deception Analyst Launches New Consulting Service for Parents Called Project Preempt

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Updated 9:10 AM CDT, Mon, April 20,2015

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2015 -- Parents who are faced with a teen who is showing patterns of deceptive behavior may have more to worry about than they think. For most parents, one of the greatest fears is finding out that their teen is involved in drugs or other illegal activity and more importantly how it may affect their future. As a parent, the first instinct is to try to look for "the obvious signs" that something is potentially wrong. They know their child's routine and they think they know who their friends are. Then the teen becomes extremely secretive and begins lying about such things as, where they have been or who they were with. They may have costly items in their possession they claim they borrowed from "a friend" and become irritated when pressed further. What these signs may actually be showing is a destructive pattern. When this occurs it is very difficult for parents to truly identify what their teen may be involved in or to what degree.

Brian Leslie is a senior Deception Analyst with Visual Deception Consultants says that the action parents need to take is not after it has escalated to criminal behavior but to learn how to effectively begin monitoring at the first sign of trouble. Mr. Leslie says his firm offers a special consultation program for parents called "Project Preempt". Our analysts work with parents to first identify specific deception patterns in the teens behavior, then once identified, conduct a complete and full risk analysis of the behavior. The next step is to work with the parents in order to establish a long term monitoring strategy for the teen as well as educate the parent on how to extract critical information during casual conversations. During the monitoring process we also teach the parent how to work to establish a unique deception pattern of their teen as a reference point to identify future deceptive behavior.

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About Visual Deception Consultants
Visual Deception Consultants is a division of Criminal Case Consultants INC out of Houston Texas. We are a very specialized forensic consulting firm, that consults with criminal defense teams in the area of witness deception analysis. "Project Preempt" is a consulting service developed by Criminal Case Consultants INC and offered to parents to preempt criminal escalation of teens. Services are offered in the United States and Canada

Brian Leslie
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