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CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids Greg Durocher Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support the Company's Informational Video Project for Caregivers

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Updated 3:07 PM CDT, Mon, March 30,2015

Driving is extremely risky for every expecting mother. The objective of this project is to create a safety video for caregivers to help the pregnant mothers protect their unborn babies.

Chandler, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2015 -- Pregnancy loss can be an extremely sad and stressful experience regardless of how it happens. Recent studies reveal that every year, almost 3,000 unborn babies are denied of their birth because of pregnant moms experiencing car accidents. In spite of these scary figures, safe driving during pregnancy is not a frequently discussed topic. Surprisingly, only 27% of expecting mothers discuss this topic with their health care provider. Safe Ride 4 Kids has started this project to change this scenario by presenting the caregivers an easy way to share information with their clients.

This project by Safe Ride 4 Kids is about creating an informational video. This video will be used by the caregivers to help their pregnant clients with key safety information relating to the importance riding a car correctly and safely in this condition. Safe Ride 4 Kids believes that by creating this video, they can create awareness to

-The existing risks involved in driving while pregnant,
-The results of the multitude of studies regarding the dangers and the common injuries involved
-Several recommendations expectant moms can follow to increase their and their unborn baby's safety.

Safe Ride 4 Kids already has the information and statistical figures available for the creation of their video. However, the major challenge for this project is to arrange the cost of producing the video and supporting materials and shipping them to caregivers. As per their estimate, there are 57,000 caregivers in America that can benefit from receiving their video packets. The company has just started a Kickstarter campaign to arrange sufficient funds to create the video and circulate it to around 1,000 caregivers. The funding budget for this campaign is $9,997, and this campaign will end on April 8, 2015.

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About Safe Ride 4 Kids
Safe Ride 4 Kids offers car seat safety education and innovative product solutions to help pregnant mothers keep their children safe while traveling in the car. The company is has just undertaken a venture to create a safety video for caregivers to help the mothers protect their unborn babies.

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