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5 Child - Safety Tips for Amusement Parks, Shopping Malls and Other Crowded Places

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Updated 9:30 AM CDT, Mon, May 18,2015

SmartKidsID provides helpful tips to keep kids safe when visiting crowded places.

San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2015 -- Any parent can tell that within a split-second one can completely lose sight of a child. Especially when visiting crowded places like amusement parks or busy shopping malls this just doubles-up on a parent's biggest fear. But it is not unlikely that it happens - in fact it happens hundreds of times a day at amusement parks all over the world.

Communication and being pro-active is key for every safe trip! Before planning a trip it is very important to keep a few things in mind. SmartKidsID put 5 simple tips together to help parents gain a peace of mind.

1.Create a free SmartKidsID Child Id Profile
SmartKidsID offers free child Id profiles at and a free child Id iOS and Android APP that allows parents to store a child's vital information. In case parents need to contact staff or police they can send a Missing Child Alert with the detailed description of the child including a photograph in 1-click right from their smartphone.

2.Take a new picture every time before entering the crowd.
Before starting a trip parents should take a new photograph of a child and save it in the SmartKidsID profile. This way parents can email the detailed description of the child including the recent photograph to staff using the Missing Child Alert button from the App. Staff can then distribute it within minutes to other personal and locations to help in the search.

3.Have a child wear a child ID bracelet:
Police recommends that children wear some kind of Id when on-the-go. This is especially important for young children that are not able to talk or remember their parents' phone number. An Id bracelet or Id tag is a great solution. This way a child can quickly communicate emergency contacts when separated. There are many different types of wearable ID to choose from. However, SmartKidsID offers a perfect reusable and very affordable solution - SmartKidsID bracelets are waterproof, bright colored, close safely with Velcro, are in a style that kids will think looks cool and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. ($14.95 with no membership or any other fees available at

4.Teach a child how to use a wearable ID:
Parents need to explain a child how to use the SmartKidsID. They need to clarify how it can be helpful in case of an emergency. Even if a child cannot talk or communicate well, they need to learn pointing the ID out to a helper. Best is to practice this at home.

5.Educate a child about seeking the right "helper":
SmartKidsID recommends teaching children to seek the help of a mom first. Second we would recommend seeking the help of a staff member of the park. When outside of an amusement park, it is helpful for a child to know what a security officer, police officer or firefighter looks like, but keep in mind that a little child's view perspective is most likely not higher than the waist so it will be difficult for them to see any kind of badge especially when being in panic.

Please watch the short explanatory video on how to help a child that is wearing a SmartKidsID to be ready to help a lost child fast to get reunited with the parents How to help a child with SmartKidsID and the SmartKidsID Explanatory Video. More information and free child Id profiles at at

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Liv & Leo, Inc., a San Diego based company is specialized in 'SmartKidsID' wearable child Id safety products. It is owned by C. Thieler, a mom of three children who created SmartKidsID as an easy solution to keep kids safe with child id/medical Id bracelet that can significantly shorten the time a child is separated from a parent and make it possible that a child with a medical condition is being helped in the right way when parents are not around.

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