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MarketCrest, LLC Donates to St. Jude's Up 'Til Dawn Program

LogoMarketCrest, LLC , a consulting, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing agency located in McKinney, Texas, recently donated to the St. Jude's Up 'Till Dawn Program and fundraising event.

Families Looking for Effective & Safe Lice Treatment Service Can Rely on Advice on Lice

Inevitably, many families face the challenge of dealing with head lice on their children. The lice and nits infestation often spreads like wildfire through the home affecting clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, other siblings and even the parents. It can be an overwhelming problem and most families aren't sure how to handle it. If you live in the Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia area and are looking for effective and safe lice treatment service, you can rely on Advice on Lice for complete lice and nit removal.

Clients in the VA, DC, and MD Area Can Obtain Safe, Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment at Advice on Lice

With school back in session, lice are becoming a more prevalent problem in schools throughout the country, as well as in the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area. Started in 2007 by Karen Franco, Advice on Lice offers safe, non-toxic head lice treatment by appointment and at their Head Lice Salon located in Maryland. The head lice salon is outfitted with two salon sinks and four salon chairs that are able to handle an individual, a parent and child or an entire family.

American Children's Society, Inc. Accepts Boat and RV Donations

Drivers who would like to donate to the American Children's Society, Inc. but can't donate a car in NJ are being informed that this non-profit organization is now accepting used RVs and boats in addition to cars.

Monarch Montessori Offers a Comprehensive Childcare Alternative in Passaic County

LogoParents who wish to enroll their child in one of the best Passaic County childcare centers are encouraged to contact the early childhood education team at Monarch Montessori, which provides a comprehensive childcare alternative.

GTX Corp Launches GPS Tracking Solutions for Young Children

LogoGTX Corp (OTCMKTS:GTXO), an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the personal location, wearable and wandering assistive technology business, is pleased to announce the launch of the Take-Along Friends product line – a brand-new, safe and discreet GPS tracking solution ideal for young children and suitable for all ages. Available now and just in time for the holidays, the Take-Along Friend is a miniature GPS tracker hidden and safely secured inside a plush toy, providing parents and family members love and protection for their little ones wherever they go. Children will enjoy Take-Along Friends' charm as much as adults enjoy the peace of mind of knowing at all times where their kids are at the touch of a button.

Monarch Montessori Helps Provide Childcare for Spirited Children

LogoMonarch Montessori is now enrolling new students for their fall and winter classes and is currently encouraging parents of spirited and stubborn children to attempt try out the Montessori method of child learning.

Monarch Montessori Offers Tips to Help Prevent Temper Tantrums

LogoParents who are interested in learning how to better keep their children calm before a special event are encouraged to check out this month's blog at Monarch Montessori's website, which offers preventative tips to help keep children calm before a wedding, church service or their childcare center in Essex County, NJ. By taking time to plan ahead, parents can successfully reduce the probability of their child throwing a temper tantrum during a big day.

Giggle Drop-in Childcare of Greenville Announces November 19th Grand Opening Event

LogoWhen it comes to important family decisions, who is picked to provide childcare services is certainly high on the list. The good news is in North Carolina, and now South Carolina one company, Giggles Drop-In Childcare has received consistently positive and enthusiastic reviews for the quality and care of their service. In exciting news for Greenville, SC families Giggles has recently announced they will be holding a grand opening celebration for their new Greenville center. The event will be held on November 19th, 2017 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM and community members are more than encouraged to attend, meet the staff and get in on the fun. The event is part of the "Holiday Open House Augusta" event kicking off the Christmas season for local businesses.

Premier Pediatrics Offers Physician in Inverness and Williston Taking Care of ADHD Disorder

LogoMany children suffer from ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and parents to such children often have a tough time managing them. They are at a loss as to how to tackle their children. For all such parents who have children suffering from ADHD, Premier Pediatrics offers hope, help, and healing. They stand by the parents and children suffering from Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Depression and Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ODD. The best thing about Premier Pediatrics is that they focus on curing the child and not the illness. The pediatricians working with Premier Pediatrics have years of experience in handling children with care and love. They are compassionate and know that children who have ADHD themselves have a difficult time taking care of themselves. A little assistance from the compassionate physician in Inverness and Williston at Premier Pediatrics can go a long way in helping the children grow up as confident individuals. Under the leadership and guidance of Founder and Chief Medical Director Shahab Eunus, the pediatricians provide a child-focused treatment.

The Grateful Giraffe Named Children's Book Winner in IPNE's 4th Annual Awards

Kids Yoga Stories is pleased to announce that The Grateful Giraffe won the award for the Children's Book category of IPNE's 4th Annual New England Book Awards!

My Baby Teeth: A Timeless Keepsake Box for Baby Teeth Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMy Baby Teeth is an all new keepsake box designed to store baby teeth for eternity. The box is carefully crafted with wood and it is designed by Giaccomo Fontanot, a 44 years old Mexican Italian Industrial Designer. Giaccomo is currently seeking generous community support for this box on Kickstarter and he is welcoming parents from around the world to support this initiative on the crowdfunding platform.

Celerity Engages Students to Discover Future STEM Careers

LogoImagine a buzzing, exuberant classroom in which students are grouped together, discussing and focused on dancing raisins, greasy potato chips or a sandwich bag explosion. At Celerity, it exemplifies what the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) component of our Expanded Learning Program is about.

Couple Sets Baby Gender Reveal Record by Sending News to Stratosphere

LogoForget popping balloons, confetti guns, or color-coordinated cakes. A California couple recently took gender reveal to a whole other level – quite literally, that is. Recruiting the help of a S.T.E.M. high school team by the name of Earth To Sky Calculus, and it's leader, Dr. Tony Phillips, as well as Mr. Phillips' wife, Katharine. Lance Patrick and Ashley Blankenship set out to send their baby's stuffed monkey, along with a printed baby announcement, to the edge of space.

LW Ventures Online, LLC Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. LW Ventures Online, LLC is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Bobbi-Toads Donates Shoes to Puerto Rican Families in Need in Partnership with the National Museum of Puerto Rican Culture and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda

LogoIn support of the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico as a result of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Bobbi-Toads, an exclusive line of customizable children's sneakers, today announced that the brand has shipped 1,050 pairs of shoes to Puerto Rican families in need.

iPen: The Safest 3D Printing Pen for Children Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe all new iPen is a 3D printing pen that is designed especially for children. Unlike most modern 3D pens in production, iPen is a low temperature 3D pen and all the research and development conducted for this pen has been focused primarily to keep children safe while using it because it doesn't have to be plugged in. Moreover, the pen is developed by wincoud, a young, dynamic and innovative entrepreneurial team from China and they have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this amazing 3D printing pen for children.

Advice on Lice Warns Parents That Lice Could Be Hiding in Their Child's Halloween Costume

It's that time of year again! Ghosts and goblins, witches, princesses, and Disney characters will be lining the neighborhood streets in search of candy. But, did you know that when you take your child to the store to try on and purchase Halloween costumes, you could also be bringing home lice? Because so many children (and adults) try on the various costumes available in stores, the spread of head lice and nits flourishes around mid to late October.

Dala: A Revolutionary Education Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDala is an all new educational game that has been designed to make education and learning more adaptable for children around the world. There are more than 70 million children in today's world, who receive no formal education and this learning game will be a solution for all such children.

Hello Fred: An Eco-Friendly New Business for Babies Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoHello Fred is an Australian based startup that will create eco-friendly and natural products for babies using recycled and organic materials where they can, while supporting independent artists from around the world. Started by a mother and a daughter, the items created by Hello Fred are going to be beautiful as well as very practical. They have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support from parents worldwide and they are welcoming everyone to generously help them in reaching their goal.

Laceme: A Nifty Shoe Laces Tying Tool for Kids Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoLaceme is a remarkable and nifty new tool that ties the kids' shoelaces. The tool is simple and comes in handy for kids to tie the laces of their shoes anywhere. Children worldwide have been suffering with the dreading problem of tying the laces and this remarkable tool will end that problem for good. The creators of this amazing invention are now seeking community support for Laceme via Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously back the campaign.

The Humanness Project Presents the Tale of a Brave Little Girl Who Challenges Trump

LogoA new children's book promises to be an entertaining, contemporary morality tale dealing with precarious themes as racism and bigotry in the United States. The eponymous heroine of Deonna and the BIG Bully is a fearless young, black girl who stands up to bullies and bigots, more specifically, supporters of current American President Donald Trump - and President Trump himself - who epitomize hatred and intolerance.

Occupational Therapy in Los Angeles Facility Builds Confidence and Improves Mobility in Children

The experienced occupational therapy in Los Angeles team at LA Speech & Occupational Therapy helps children build strength to excel outside of therapy sessions. Occupational therapists help children to learn how to complete basic daily tasks including dressing, feeding and practicing personal hygiene. LA Speech & Occupational Therapy's top-notch occupational therapy in Los Angeles services help children improve and develop their sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.

Pharos Social Launches V.1 of Web-Based Platform That Non-Intrusively Monitors a Child's Social Media Activity

Pharos Social, a product of Stacked Sports, a leading social media management tool, announced the launch of Pharos Social Version 1.

Premier Pediatrics Meets the Need for Urgent Pediatrics in Crystal River Florida

LogoThere is nothing more important for parents than the well-being of their children. Locating to a new place and not finding a good pediatrician can put parents to unrest. With Premier Pediatrics, parents can heave a sigh of relief that their children will be taken good care of when the need arises. Premier Pediatrics offers a full scope of pediatrics that includes wellness exams, immunizations, sports physicals, treatment for chronic & acute conditions, pediatric weight management and specialized care for ADHD and mental health.