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Acting School in Los Angeles Offers Free Talent Evaluation for Kids and Teens

The Playground, a renowned conservatory for acting in Los Angeles and Orange County, is now offering free talent evaluations for youngsters (6 to 17 years old) one hour every Saturday and Sunday provided they are accompanied by parents or guardians.

Travis Gillespie, DDS & Mary Brummett, DDS to Host 'Back to School Kids Dental Day' on August 11

LogoTravis Gillespie, DDS, and Mary Brummett, DDS, a full-service Hutchinson-based dental clinic that provides everything from sedation dentistry, to regular tooth cleanings and checkups, this week excitedly announced they will be hosting a Back to School Kids Dental Day on Friday, August 11.

Bow2tie Launches a World's Safest Personal Alarm for Kids

LogoIt is a long-standing problem that children are abused physically and emotionally in school and outside of school. The Louisiana-based startup will launch a new product that strives to solve this problem. The product is a wearable personal alarm device that combines a stylish customizable accessory turning into a personal alarm upon activation with a press of a button. "When a kid is attacked or scared it might be hard to cry for help. That's where Bow2Tie comes in handy. We have created this device after years of research and hard work to help children or anyone who needs help." Said Marilyn-Diana Davis, founder the Grandma Inventor of Bow2Tie Alarm Device."

Rules on Teaching Kids a Sport: Burleigh Travel Comments

Outside Online, a leading website covering travel, sports, health and fitness have recently published an article stating eleven rules on how to teach kids a sport. Sports has always been an incredibly popular way of fitness for people for all ages, and with the increasing number of child obesity, it is incredibly important to teach kids how to learn a sport in which they love.

Working Mother of Four Creates Book Series to Teach Valuable Life Lessons to Little Ones

LogoSarah Cash was inspired by her childhood love of books with animal characters to create her own children's book series, Squeaky Tales. As a working mother of four small children, Sarah used her parental wisdom to craft short poignant tales that will engage young readers using loveable characters, expressive illustrations, and easily understood story lines.

The World Egg Bank to Attend 30th Annual In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer: A Comprehensive Update

LogoThe World Egg Bank (TWEB) will be attending the In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer: A Comprehensive Update in San Diego, California from July 16-19, 2017.

Luna Zin Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Inspiring New Book

LogoThe Heart of Luminous is an inspiring new illustrated story book written by Luna Zin, an American author from Salt Lake City. Luna is now seeking generous support on Kickstarter from this amazing book for children and she is welcoming parents and backers from around the world to support her. This Children's Book is illustrated by Halley Bruno and the goal of Luna is to inspire children worldwide through this book.

Monarch Montessori's Fall Classes Are Right Around the Corner

LogoMonarch Montessori School, a highly-regarded institute for childcare in Essex County, NJ, wants everyone to be aware that fall classes are just a few months away. Monarch Montessori is now taking applications for this year's fall classes.

Fort Collins, CO Reason #174 Why Supporting the Regional "Share Parents of Utah" Charity ( Is Indebted and Welcomed

LogoShare Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. has been helping bereaved parents since 1977. Share is dedicated to supporting parents and families throughout the United States, as well as internationally.  Share Parents of Utah was established in 1983 and supports the Salt Lake area.  We understand. We care. We can help.  Many parents find that it helps to talk with another parent who has experienced the loss of a baby – someone who can listen, understand, and be able to identify with some of their feelings.  Just knowing that your experience is valid and that you are not alone can be very beneficial in working through your grief.  Anyone who has lost a baby to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, newborn death, and SIDS is welcome to attend a Support Meeting, as well as any support people you would like to have attend.

Mauro Tartamelli Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Dieghino, the World's First Changing Table with Baby Security Features

LogoAccording to the latest statistics, domestic accidents account for the hospitalization of one million children in Europe. Accidental fall from changing table has been found to be a leading cause behind these accidents. Trias, an Italian start-up, is confident about bringing an end to this baby safety concern with their upcoming product Dieghino®. The company claims that Dieghino® is the world's first changing smartable that will eliminate the danger of falling with its unique features. The company's founder Mauro Tartamelli has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise €50,000 for the market launch of Dieghino®.

Yeti Paper Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Best Whiteboard in the Entire Galaxy

LogoThe creators of Yeti Paper have announced that they are seeking public support on Kickstarter for their revolutionary whiteboard. The whiteboard is slightly bigger than A3 size paper and it is less than 1mm-thick. In addition, this amazing Yeti Paper sticks to any flat smooth surface and users can easily write and erase endlessly on it just like they would do on a regular whiteboard.

Monarch Montessori: A Different Approach to Daycare

LogoThe average daycare in Essex County, NJ follows a different protocol from the innovative approaches of Monarch Montessori in Little Falls, NJ. For a long time now in traditional preschools, the teacher in charge controls the entire classroom. The Montessori approach encourages students to be active in their own learning while the teacher takes a step back and interacts when a student has any questions.

Monarch Montessori School Supports Multi-Age Grouping

LogoMonarch Montessori School, regarded as one of the top daycare centers in Essex County, NJ and the surrounding areas, supports multi-age grouping and offers a variety of programs that are taught in the Montessori tradition.

Parents Encouraged to Enroll Children for 2017-18 Full-Day Preschool and Kindergarten

Parents who wish to enroll their child in the Montessori Development Center's full-day preschool and kindergarten in 2017-18 are encouraged to do so before the classes are full.

Kids Yoga Class Ideas eBook Offers 30 Pages of Ideas for Teachers, Parents, and More

The team at Kids Yoga Stories has just released a new eBook designed to help parents, teachers, health practitioners, caregivers, and kids yoga teachers find new ideas for incorporating yoga into daily routines.

Award-Winning Edtech Company Launches Personalized STEM Picture Book for Children

Zyrobotics, an edtech company, has launched a new picture book for early readers called The Name Game. The Name Game is an AI-powered educational app for children between ages 3-6. This new book is a part of their STEM Storiez library, a series of picture books with accompanying e-books that focus on teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to early readers.

Jingu – The All–In–One Karaoke Multimedia Centre Now Live on Indiegogo

LogoSourceHub CEO and Founder, Vanessa Garrard is looking to raise $25,000 to start the commercial production of Jingu, the latest innovation and all in one, kids Karaoke Multimedia Centre.

Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh Teaches Raleigh's Youngest Learners

LogoPlay-based learning enables infants and toddlers to start learning a second language at their own pace at Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh, a Spanish immersion school in Raleigh.

'The Seekers' a Children's Picture Book Seeking Generous Support on Indiegogo

LogoThe Seekers Picture Book is an illustrated masterpiece written by Cece Younger, a mother, artist and an academic. The book is illustrated by Arthur Ella, an inspired professional cartoon artist from Cameroon. The author has launched a Indiegogo campaign to fund the edit and design process of this multicultural Children's Picture Book which not only promotes reading, self-esteem and confidence but also introduces social thinking and cultural values in the children.

Michelle Longega Wilson to Release Latest Book at the Italian Food and Fashion Festival 2017

Michelle Longega Wilson is all set to launch the 3rd book of her Bilingual Book Series – Adventures of Giulia. "Dangerously Deep/Acque Pericolose" is the title of the book and promises an action--packed adventure this time. There are very few books that make their way from a book shop to the little one's desk. And some of those few are the books written by Michelle Longega, an 11 year old Italian American girl – a book written by a child for children. There is no wonder why these books have become so popular because Michelle knows exactly what a child expects from a book. And she does an amazing job of storytelling through her writing.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Children's Toys

Zelda Orr is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of children's toys including doll furniture, dramatic play toys for preschool, tactile toys, toddler building toys, and transportation blocks. Zelda was inspired by the important role that quality toys play in giving kids a fun and educational outlet for their endless energy. Through her online store, Zelda wanted to help others quickly find the products that they would need to ensure kids can develop lifelong skills while exploring the world around them.

Introducing Peacock on the Rock, a Children's Book for the Yoga Lifestyle

LogoOver the past half of a century, a variety of healthy practices from fat-free foods to detox cleanses, to physical yoga have become popular. What's more is that the primary demographic of practicers of this healthy yoga-like mentality has been young adults and middle-aged individuals. However, almost everyone who currently practice yoga wishes they had begun their journey to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle started earlier in their youth. After all, the muscular stretching that comes with physical yoga routines is vastly more efficient when done at a young age. Additionally, the sooner a person begins to pay attention to their diet and balance of exercise, the sooner they feel the positive impact of this lifestyle on their stress levels, strength and more. For this reason, Varsha Bakshani has created Peacock on the Rock to introduce this lifestyle to children, making a healthy impact on children everywhere.

Let Me 'Edutain' You

LogoOn the 20th of April 2017, Dutch creative Designer Petra Haddeman Bullee launched an 'Edutainment Book' for children, to spark creativity and encourage bonding with their family and friends. She believes Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and social skills are a necessity to be successful in life.

'Trees Please: Never Give Up the Dream': A Children's Book Worth Backing

LogoCynthia Wildes has announced that she is seeking public support on Kickstarter to back her new and inspiring children's book with illustrations titled, 'Trees Please.' The book is written by Cynthia Wildes herself and illustrations in this inspiring children's book are done by Blueberry Illustrations. Cynthia was born to a military family in Sept. 1958 and she has spent the better part of her life as a survivor of great ugliness. She has been living in the woods for almost two decades and has been fond of trees. This book is an inspiring read for the children where the author has used trees to convey message of hope, inspiration and dreams to the generations of the future.

Kids Yoga Stories Releases North American Animal Alphabet Yoga Cards for Kids

Kids Yoga Stories is excited to announce the release of their newest resource: North American Animal Alphabet Yoga Cards For Kids, digital cards designed to get kids ages three to eight involved in learning through yoga.