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ImageFIRST Dallas Announces Baby Blanket Donation

LogoThis past July, associates at the Dallas location of ImageFIRST, a leading provider of hospital patient gowns in Carrollton, TX, worked together to fulfill the company's Purpose, which aims to positively impact the community.

New Parents Need Not to Worry About Child Health or Child Development

Good news for new parents who struggle to carry out their parenting tasks. The company, The Impressive Kids, says that they can help and can make the lives of these parents less complicated. They point out that while new parents may enjoy the innocent smile of their new-borns, they may struggle to cope up with the parenting tasks that have befallen on them and and may not take the right steps for their child health or child development. That is the reason they are offering practical tips for making the lives of these parents easier, says the company. This means that those parents who decide to seek their help can succeed in their parenting efforts, handle their kids properly and need not worry about their child health and child development.

Babyltop Soccer: A Baby Friendly Soccer Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoBabyltop Soccer is an all new baby game that is also a baby's first step into the sport of soccer. Now seeking community support from parents from around the world, it is a baby-friendly game that has been designed as a safe and enjoyable foam tabletop game. According to the creators of Babyltop Soccer, the game unites a father and baby together on their first shared journey into soccer.

Olympia Washington Reason #254 Why Donating to the Regional "Share Parents of Utah" Charity ( is Needed and Welcomed

LogoShare Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. has been helping bereaved parents since 1977.  Share is dedicated to supporting parents and families throughout the United States, as well as internationally.  Share Parents of Utah was established in 1983 and supports the Salt Lake area.  We understand. We care. We can help.  Many parents find that it helps to talk with another parent who has experienced the loss of a baby – someone who can listen, understand, and be able to identify with some of their feelings.  Just knowing that your experience is valid and that you are not alone can be very beneficial in working through your grief.  Anyone who has lost a baby to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, newborn death, and SIDS is welcome to attend a Support Meeting, as well as any support people you would like to have attend.

Wee Wigs: Hilarious Wigs for Babies Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWee Wigs is an all new and one of the sweetest projects on Kickstarter that is bringing realistic and hilarious wigs for babies. For any event such as birthdays, showers, Halloweens or even Christmas, these wigs will are sure to make everyone smile! The creators of this project are welcoming everyone, particularly the parents from around the world, to back this project and claim a Wee Wig for their baby.

Enchanting and Engaging Children's Books - Now Available from Author Patricia Komar

Renown author of engaging children's books and other works of fiction, Patricia Komar has created a selection of wonderful books for children of all ages. For young children to teenagers, Komar has developed fantastic worlds where every child will be intrigued and entertained.

Okono International Ltd Announces the Launch of an Ofsted Childminder and Nanny Booking Platform

Okono International ltd is excited to announce the launch of, a platform to help Ofsted registered childminder, nannies, babysitters find part time, fulltime and hourly childcare jobs, nanny jobs and be booked.

Baby Sleep Store Announces New Resources for Sleep Deprived Mums

LogoSpecialists in baby sleepwear for Australian mothers, Baby Sleep Store has announced that it will be launching a suite of online resources for its customers, planned for release over the second half of 2017.

Survey Finds Children That Use Smartphones and Tablets Twice as Likely to Get Lice

A recent survey of over 200 children in the United Kingdom has uncovered that kids that use Smartphones and tablets are twice as likely to contract head lice as their electronic-less counterparts. While the study is small, it does suggest that because children tend to huddle together in a circle or group when using Smartphones and tablets, lice find it extremely easy to spread from one head of hair to the next. Advice on Lice is ready to combat head lice and nits with effective head lice treatment. They are centrally located in Maryland and serve clients hailing from Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Advice on Lice Offers Clients over Ten Years of Experienced Lice Treatment Service

If you have found lice or nits on your child, you might feel a sense of panic. The truth is, it's very common but it can be difficult to treat and difficult to handle. Advice on Lice founder, Karen Franco, gained an interest in treating head lice on children when her own children were in elementary school. She discovered that the schools were not very well equipped with information about treating head lice or preventing it.

Advice on Lice Equipped with Comfortable Head Lice Salon in Maryland to Treat Patients

Lice on children are nothing new. Parents and educators have been dealing with lice infestations for a very long time but that doesn't mean that it ever gets any easier for them. Advice on Lice is a head lice treatment provider that is located in Maryland and serves patients in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. They are well-equipped with a comfortable head lice salon in Maryland where kids and their families can go to get successfully treated for head lice while feeling comfortable.

Santa's Shooting Star: A New Children's Book Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSanta's Shooting Star is an all new children's book that is now seeking generous community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter where parents, teachers and all the Christians from around the world are welcomed to contribute. It is a magical illustrated story that teaches children the true meaning of Christmas. The book is written by Jenny Viguet and Paula Jones while the illustration has been done by the artist Veronica Seleznova.

New Release Teaches Children How to Deal with Mistakes and Forgive

Pepper is a little porcupine who is learning how to be a good friend. After saving two little raccoons in Pepper's Delightful Discovery, he wants to plan a party to celebrate their new friendship in Terri Nekvinda's sequel, Pepper Plans a Party (Redemption Press, August 2017). But he doesn't want to invite the possums and bullfrogs because they laughed at him when he couldn't do what they were doing.

Alexander Ene Launches a New Website to Provide the Best Double Stroller Reviews and Ratings

Alexander Ene has launched a new website to provide reviews, comparisons and ratings of the best double strollers to buy. The new website, has been in development for well over a year and the owners are looking forward to providing consumers with excellent and honest review.

Dinkleboo and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Partner to Label Kids the Good Way

LogoA recently announced partnership between DinkleBoo and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will have kids smiling. Hot off the presses in time for the home entertainment release of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul movie, based on the well-loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series by Jeff Kinney, the Wimpy Kid custom-printed name labels are now available. Creating a buzz with Jeff Kinney's iconic renderings of Greg and Manny Heffley as well as Greg's best pal Rowley Jefferson, the custom labels are ideal for any Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan. With them, consumers can mark a book, a bag, or a bottle for $0 plus $2.95 shipping and handling.

Sherlock Holmes for Kids Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe Howl of the Baskervilles is an all new detective book series by an Australian author who writes by the pen name of James Sanderson. He has already published three books and is about to finish his fourth book. He is literally rewriting some of the most classic cases of Sherlock Holmes for children. James is now seeking community support on Kickstarter for this amazing project and he is welcoming everyone to support this project with generosity and love.

School Is out but Head Lice Are Still Active: Contact Advice on Lice for Effective Head Lice Treatment

Parents may breathe a sigh of relief when school is out of session for many reasons, no more late night homework sessions, no more early morning lunch runs, and no more pre-test nerves. However, even though it's summer, that doesn't mean that head lice are not still active, they are and parents and caregivers should remain vigilant for signs of lice and nits on themselves and their children. Getting rid of lice and nits can be very arduous work, especially if the parent is tackling it alone. It's better to consult one of the experts in the industry, Advice on Lice, for effective head lice treatment.

Summer Camp Ideal Setting for Spread of Lice & Nits: Protect Yourself with the Assistance of Advice on Lice

According to the CDC, every year 6-12 million children between the ages of 3 and 11 become infested with lice and nits. Most parents panic upon seeing lice and nits on their child and even though it can be quite the task to eliminate them, it isn't impossible. Summer camps are becoming more and more popular and the proximity of children and their sleeping quarters facilitates the spread of these parasites. Advice on Lice has been in the industry of lice and nit elimination since 2007, and is highly capable of assisting with the eradication of lice and nits for families.

Lice Thrive in Either Dirty or Clean Hair, Advice on Lice Offers the Best Head Lice Treatment for Infestations

It's a long-held belief that lice and nits prefer to infest hair that is unclean. Research has proven that this simply isn't the case. They do seem to prefer longer hair, which would put girls more at risk of contracting the parasites then boys. However, lice are mainly interested in feeding off the blood in the scalp, and so the cleanliness of the hair is not an issue. Carries out a Review of the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

The website has carried out a review of the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System. Goejono is a website that has recently come into being for the purpose of providing baby travel systems reviews and ratings to those looking for independent reviews of travel systems strollers prior to making a decision on the best strollers to purchase for their baby.

Auntie Mo Kids Radio – First Internet Radio for Children in Africa Releases Schedule

LogoAuntie Mo Kids Radio, a pioneer of Internet Radio entertainment for children in Africa, announces its broadcasting schedule.

Travis Gillespie, DDS & Mary Brummett, DDS to Host 'Back to School Kids Dental Day' on August 11

LogoTravis Gillespie, DDS, and Mary Brummett, DDS, a full-service Hutchinson-based dental clinic that provides everything from sedation dentistry, to regular tooth cleanings and checkups, this week excitedly announced they will be hosting a Back to School Kids Dental Day on Friday, August 11.

The First Safe for Kids Security Device, Bow2Tie Launches on Kickstarter

LogoMarilyn-Diana Davis, the creator of Bow2Tie Personal Alarm Device, has announced that she is now seeking community support on Kickstarter to raise funds for her remarkable invention. Mrs. Davis is a grandmother of 10 grandchildren and a special education teacher. With her patent-pending product, Marilyn-Diana wants to help solve the problem of bullying in schools as well as to provide an extra measure of safety to children. Bow2Tie is a unisex wearable personal alarm with endless features that come in the shape of a bow tie and can be customized for any occasion. It can be worn as a bow by girls, and as a bow tie by boys.

Acting School in Los Angeles Offers Free Talent Evaluation for Kids and Teens

The Playground, a renowned conservatory for acting in Los Angeles and Orange County, is now offering free talent evaluations for youngsters (6 to 17 years old) one hour every Saturday and Sunday provided they are accompanied by parents or guardians.

Travis Gillespie, DDS & Mary Brummett, DDS to Host 'Back to School Kids Dental Day' on August 11

LogoTravis Gillespie, DDS, and Mary Brummett, DDS, a full-service Hutchinson-based dental clinic that provides everything from sedation dentistry, to regular tooth cleanings and checkups, this week excitedly announced they will be hosting a Back to School Kids Dental Day on Friday, August 11.