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Newly Released Book Helps Parents Deal with Loss of Baby

A new book is helping parents deal with the intense trauma and complex emotions they must address after losing a young child.

New Children's Picture Book Is a Must-Read for Big Brothers and Sisters to Be

Juju's Big Surprise, created by MindStir Media author Tanja Huston, has recently been launched. The author was inspired to write this book about a fun, smart and energetic character after her battle with breast cancer. At 24 pages, this hardcover children's picture book is a quick and entertaining read for children of ages 6-8.

Beautiful Is Black by Serenity Anderson Just Released

LogoA just-published book by a children's literature writer, Serenity Anderson, Beautiful Is Black deals with equality, self-esteem, uniqueness, bullying and acceptance. The book aims to improve self-esteem in children, encourage tolerance, and heighten morale.

Focus Martial Arts Offers Children Training of Self Defense

The society of today is a lot more demanding then it was a few years ago. Even though Australia is a safe country to live in and there be rare cases of criminal offenses against peaceful citizens, one can never be too sure when a convict attacks and causes irreparable damage. Children in Brisbane must be able to defend themselves against people may physically harm them. Regardless of whether the threat comes from a school bully or a criminal with a gun, children must be able to know how to keep their mind alert and to neutralize the threat by safest means possible.

Focus Martial Arts Shares the Best After School Activities Program in Brisbane - Selection Tips

Since a new school year has started, many parents have also started looking for after school activities for kids that provide kids a safe, nurturing and educational environment for kids that supplement a child's development needs while providing fun and enjoyment at the same time. This might seem like a tall order to fill but many after school activities for kids such as the one provided by Focus Martial Arts Brisbane, are providing just the services parent need. Focus Martial Arts most recent article shares the best after school activities program in Brisbane selection tips.

Focus Martial Arts Centre Shares Tips on Choosing the Right Brisbane Karate Academy

The selection of the Karate Academy plays an important role in how well a child learns and responds to the teachings. It is the job of a Karate Academy to provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that children thrive, learn and develop under the watchful guidance of their Karate Teacher. Focus Martial Arts Brisbane Karate Centre has recently published an informative article to educate readers about the various factors they must consider before choosing a Karate academy for their kids.

Focus Martial Arts – Self Defense Learning for the Young

Focus Martial Arts Brisbane offers martial arts training for school going kids. Parents in Brisbane's suburbs are very happy with their kids going to Focus Martial Arts for karate, taekwondo, self defense and karate training and education. There is a certain discipline and sense of security attached when children of young age learn about defending themselves against potential offenders.

Kids Yoga Stories Announces Popular Kids Yoga Book Sophia's Jungle Adventure Now Translated Into Six Languages

LogoPopular and inspirational kids yoga books and cards by Boston-based Kids Yoga Stories is becoming an international success. The company is happy to announce that their most popular book Sophia's Jungle Adventure is now available in six languages, with more translations planned for the future.

Of Parenting and Technology – eKAVACH Revamps Its Digital Parenting Platform

Certus Technologies, the company behind eKAVACH, India most advanced digital parenting application, has recently ramped up its Digital Parenting blogging platform about internet and child safety. Apart from the in house content team, eKAVACH has now engaged a group of emerging parent bloggers to educate parents for embracing suitable technological means and educate children about responsible behavior in their digital journey. The aim of eKAVACH parenting platform is to help parents to overcome the digital divide between offline parents and their digital natives. The blog's mission is to provide framework for parents in describing and clarifying digital world issues which revolves around parental controls, internet safety, safe browsing, cyber bullying, internet and gaming addiction and provide parents with latest news, views and articles which can help them be more informed and connected digital parents.

Eileen Turay Launches Her New Blog Called Liv&Leen for Parents Dedicated in Raising Happy, Intelligent, and Healthy Children

Eileen Turay is launching her new blog page called Liv&Leen dedicated to parents who aim to raise healthy, happy, and intelligent children. Eileen has a Masters in counseling and she is a passionate professional focused on helping other people with her amazing insights on how to raise intelligent and happy children.

PlanetUs Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Bring to Market PKids

LogoPlanetUs claims that pKids is the smartest way to look after the loved ones at all times, and to be automatically informed if anything wrong happens to them. Over the years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of kids and elders lost because of several reasons. PlanetUs has come up with a security device that will alert users in real time whenever they are needed by a loved one.

Huy Nguyen Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Complete the Development of Cheddar

LogoHuy Nguyen visualizes a world where kids have a thorough understanding of earning, saving, spending, negotiating, investing, and lending. With this vision, he has created Cheddar, a free online multimedia Finance Academy that utilizes games, videos and digital lessons to offer finance education to kids.

Creator of Smartnanny Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoSmartnanny® is the world's first intelligent solution designed to simulate the work of a real nanny and help families take the best possible care of their infants.  This baby care personal assistant can help new families with babies who cry excessively to improve their infant care.  Now, the creator of Smartnanny® has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of this useful and unique product.

Smartnanny Engineering Office Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Develop the World's First Smart Nanny

LogoSmartnanny Engineering Office has designed Smartnanny, a baby care personal assistant that could help every new family to improve the infant life of the babies that cry excessively. There is no denying the fact that parenthood is a blissful feeling. However, good parenting requires learning a lot of skills. At the beginning of their parenthood, every new mom and dad are clueless about why the baby is crying or how to put a baby to sleep.

Monarch Montessori of Little Falls, NJ, Offers Multi-Age Classrooms to Promote Peer Learning

LogoAs a Montessori school in Little Falls, NJ, Monarch Montessori is a school and daycare for children between six weeks and six years of age that follows the guidelines of the Montessori Philosophy. This philosophy of learning focuses on cultivating respect for each child's unique capabilities, allowing for freedom within limits, and creating an environment specially designed to meet children's needs. Part of this equation involves multi-age classrooms to promote peer learning, which allows children to learn at their own pace while older kids become teachers and mentors.

Disney Inside Out: Dr. Trevicia Williams Says Parents Can Face Changes with Confidence

With social media, games, movies, cell phones, reality tv and other distractions, raising kids in today's times is challenging for any parent. Bringing up a little girl, numerous folks would say, includes extra responsibilities and attention. This is particularly valid for parents of tween and teen girls to such an extent that even prevalent movies similar to Disney's excellent, Cinderella, and their new Pixar top choices, Brave & Inside Out spotlight on the concerns encompassing these issues.

James Miller Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Provide Justice to His Kids

LogoJames Miller is a single father engaged in a tiresome legal battle to protect his kids. Since the last one year, his kids Kimberly and James have been in their mother's custody for five days a week. Unfortunately, James Miller has very little trust in the Arizona legal system that appears to be extremely partial towards the mothers. The mother of these two kids has repeatedly proven the fact that she is not capable of being their primary care. However, the legal system has not taken any corrective action.

Keep Kids Safe This Summer with Child ID Bracelets

LogoNow that the summer break is here and families are starting to travel it is important to think about child safety. Vacation time means crowded hotel resorts, amusement parks, and beaches. But what to do when a child gets lost–keeping in mind that most families are away from home and children are not familiar with the new places.

J.I.V.E. Juice Company Creates Product Line for Expecting and New Moms

Formerly known as The Creative Juice Company, the renamed J.I.V.E. Juice Company has expanded, including the launch of a product line that caters to expecting and new moms. The Founder of J.I.V.E, Tamala Austin, will conduct a live demonstration of her juicing concept, and the new product line, at the Upcoming Texas Black Expo happening June 11-14th.

10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe from Strangers

LogoDateline TV and Joel Salads recently published social experiments on stranger danger and put kids to the test. Results were shocking and eye opening. Are parents not preparing their children enough for the unthinkable situation of child abduction, sexual abuse, or assault? Most parents are unsure when it is the right age to speak about this topic with their children. That's why SmartKidsID would like to emphasize the need for parents to verbalize this topic with their children as early as possible. It is important to increase the child's awareness of situations that possibly could make them feel uncomfortable and build up a child's confidence in how to handle those situations with strangers or people they know. It is very important to clarify that possible predators are not necessarily strangers, but can also be relatives and people that children might have met before (i.e. people that came to the house before for any reason).

Exciting New Childcare Opportunities Announced for Freehold-Area Residents

The need for reliable childcare continues continues to be an ever present concern for working parents. In fact, a recent survey of parents revealed a stunning 84 percent declared finding care for their children to be either difficult or impossible. Parents state they want their children to be safe and properly cared for, but they also want them to have fun and be exposed to educational activities as well.

Dennis Mansfield Now Available for Radio Interviews for "A Father's Day Interview from Both Sides of the Mirror"

Dennis Mansfield is now available for radio interviews for "A Father's Day Interview from Both Sides of the Mirror". Radio stations interested in making an inspirational father's day special interview with Dennis Mansfield can now start booking him.

Perfect Squares Introduces ThermoBand Remote Temperature Monitor for Children

Perfect Squares, an innovation and development company that designs, patents and markets technologically advanced optical devices and at-home healthcare monitoring products announces ThermoBand™, the first affordable, reusable, adhesive temperature monitor for children.

Teacher at Prestigious Los Angeles School Accused of Bullying by Stephen Fixary

Dozens of anti-bullying protestors rallied at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth.

Parents Can Now Monitor Their Babies Round the Clock

Parents who have very young babies may be interested in this news. The COSANSYS 2.4GHz Wireless Digital LCD Color Baby Monitor Camera is now available for them so they can monitor their babies or young children round the clock.