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The Butterfly Children Prepares to Delight a Whole New Audience with Their New Animated Series

LogoThe team at Butterfly Children Ltd. has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of £37, 800 (slightly more than $59,000). They launched this campaign in order to raise the funds needed to bring a new animated version of the highly popular Butterfly Children children's storybook series to the public. The Butterfly Children started out as books nearly thirty years ago, and were extremely successful. The books were based on original butterfly drawings, and have been read by over two million children. The creative minds behind this series state, "These enchanting stories tell of the trials and challenges of the loving Butterfly Children who are performing good deeds in the woods while overcoming the evil and mischievous intent of the Moth Gang. Every story is resolved with a quirky but fair conclusion, which is fun and educational, with the accent on fun."

Net Nanny Launches 25% Back to School Discount to Help Parents Keep Kids Protected

The online world is vast, and while its potential has been used for extraordinary advances in everything from technology to society, it also hosts great evils, and it takes skill to navigate around these pitfalls. Skill young people do not always possess. Net Nanny is an online content blocking software that enables parents wondering how to block websites to protect their children from the worst of the internet. The company is now offering a 25% off back to school discount so parents can update children's devices to ensure they are safe when leaving the home to study.

Launch of Announced is pleased to announce the launch of the new childproofing products and services company. The firm has offices in Mount Pleasant, SC and Los Angeles CA, with full childproofing services in select locations around the country. The firm offers the top childproofing products to safeguard homes and to ensure the safety of children. A selection of top safety products from the highest ranked manufacturers is available online.

Kids Zip Sheets Help Parents Keep Children Safe, Warm, and Healthy

Kids Zip Sheets is an innovative solution for parents to keep their kids, ages two to twelve years old, safe and warm all night long by preventing them from kicking off and tangling their sheets. This product is especially effective for kids with special needs, like Autism and Down Syndrome.

Favour Fairy Helps Expectant Mums Sparkle with Joy with the Choice Crystal Collection

Hosting a baby shower for an expectant mother is the perfect way to treat her to a day full of fun, relaxation and gifts to celebrate the impending birth of her bundle of joy. To help friends and family members choose a more unique gift idea that's memorable and oozes cuteness, Favour Fairy has introduced the Choice Crystal Collection (by Fashioncraft) to their range of baby products.

KidsCoolRide LLC Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Help Parents & School System

LogoKidsCoolRide LLC is an organization that focuses on ensuring that students have rides to and from school, school-related activities and afterschool programs.  Now, the company has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for scholarships for two students, eight schools and free shuttle service.  All money raised through this campaign will be used to pay for academic scholarships, fund school systems with additional funds to help needy students and families, and allow free student transportation.

Creator of Geeh the Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoGeeh The Band is a collection of cartoon-style costumed characters that dress up to bring upbeat, positive music to children everywhere.  Their appearances at music conventions, shows and other venues have launched them into the public eye, and their music has made it onto the Billboard charts as well as Mediabase and other lists.  Now, the creator has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay for the development of an app and video games to allow children everywhere to enjoy the music and message of this positive, kid-friendly group.

FreeMyChild Has Now Come Up with the Best Family Law Lawyers in Toronto Ontario

They always get the best outcome from their clients when it comes to complicated family matters. Their family law lawyers always use the past judgments' to solve the present case to litigate the best outcome for their clients.

Breastfeeding Product Launched by Jasmine & Co to "Normalize" One of the Most Natural Things on Earth

LogoIn recognition of World Breastfeeding Week Jasmine & Co launches an encouraging product. The motherhood and parenting brand is on a mission to help moms feel at ease when they're breastfeeding in public. And rightly so considering the controversy reported by news sources like Time magazine. Raising awareness for a child's right to feed in peace, their new breastfeeding cover gives baby and mom the privacy they so deserve. Better yet, it fuels the connection they so desire.

"Kids Helping Kids" the Show Crew Holding Red Carpet, Black Tie Gala to Help Put New Shoes on Kids

Hosted by Zach Callison of Steven Universe and Co-Founder Justin Tinucci. Attendees will pair their favorite sneakers and formal wear at a fun evening for a great cause. The Shoe Crew is a 501(c)3 organization founded by California Teens Kayla Tinucci and Justin Tinucci "The Shoe Crew", is an organization that collects brand new shoes for less fortunate youth, their primary purpose is to make sure that no child goes without brand new, comfortable shoes that fit. The Shoe Crew personally sizes each child they serve, which ensures that all shoe donations go directly to kids in need.

Frankie v. Kicks off Back to School Campaign with a Call to Action with a New Late Summer Release Through GMUSIC

Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Frankie V., is currently on a summer promotional campaign for his official solo debut and summer music release, "Say Something!," released by DH Entertainment. Marketing, manufactured and distributed by GMUSIC. The single is available now through Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music and other major digital stores. The single ties in to Frankie V.'s Back to School Campaign centered on inspiring other kids to stay in school.

Healthy Nation, LLC. Solves Issue of Getting Children to Eat Veggies with Vegy Vida

LogoThe benefits of a vegetable based diet are now known to all. However, many children and adult around the world are extremely averse to the idea of eating vegetables. It has been observed that almost 80% of people avoid vegetable servings that are highly recommended. Research conducted by Healthy Nation suggests that most of the healthy compounds present in vegetables have a bitter taste (antioxidants and phytochemicals). Children are more adverse towards vegetables compared to the adults because they have three times more taste buds than adults do.

ACCA Releases New Infographic on the Dangers of Leaving Kids in Cars

LogoAmerican Children's Cancer Association (ACCA) has released a new infographic, detailing the extreme danger of leaving children in a car.

Online Kids Store Launches New Range of Learning Toys

Scientists have been advocating the use of learning toys to aid children learn better for several decades now. In the recent years, technology has aided in the creation of whole new ranges of learning toys, and teachers and parents have been lapping them up. Schools have started using these aids as a part of mainstream teaching, and parents are ensuring that every other toy they buy for their child has some learning associated with it. Yes, dolls and cars are still the most popular toys being bought, but the rest of the list is being made up with intelligent toys that are helping the child learn better.

Langston & Aaron Aizenstros Launch a Book of Affirmations for Kids by Kids

LogoKids need the right direction in life and reading books is an excellent idea. With the launch of 'I Believe In The Power Of You', parents all over the world will be encouraged to have their children listen to this inspiring audiobook.

New Dual Language Program Offered to Preschool Children at Arborland

As parents and educators, we constantly strive to prepare our children for life beyond the classroom. To prepare our children for global success, Arborland Montessori Children's Academy is excited to announce the grand opening of a Dual Language program in Mandarin and English and another new Dual Language program in Spanish and English.

Marcus the Monkey the Illustrated Coffee Table Book for Children

Helen H. Wu is pleased to announce the launch of her Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the publication of her original children's picture book collection, Marcus The Monkey, which includes 4 illustrated stories. The campaign was launched on Monday the 27th July and is already generating great interest in the children's publishing field.

Janea Taylor Seeks Funding via Fundly to Keep Her Father's Dream Alive

LogoAlong with her father, Janea Taylor had started working on building a new business venture that was intended to be a marketing platform for integrative healthcare and alternative medicine providers. Their primary objective was to connect people that need healing services to the area's best healing practitioners and vice versa.

Cookie Craft Day Hosted by Scott Tucker

LogoOur Family Fun Night, a website for interesting and wholesome activities for families, will feature "Cookie Craft Day," an event hosted by Scott Tucker. The community center kitchen class event is designed to bring families together to create delicious and healthy treats.

Picky Eater Is Tamed in New Children's Book "Simple Sam Eats...What??!"

Simple Sam is a picky eater, because as he explains, he likes his food "plain, no spice, no sweet." One night, Sam's simple palette is put to the test when his parents take him to eat at a new restaurant. Sam soon finds that he doesn't recognize anything on the menu. What's a picky eater to do? Find out in the new book Simple Sam Eats...What??! now available from author Steve Bromberg, known to readers as "Mr. B."

Terence Stewart Seeks Crowdfunding via GoFundMe So He Can Raise His Newborn Son All by Himself

LogoNatasha Stewart died on what should've been one of the happiest days of her life – July 6, 2015. That's because she died in labor giving birth to her son James. Tragically, she died of preeclampsia during the delivery of James and her husband Terence is understandably torn. He lost his wife and gained a son with one single sweep of the hand of fate before the sun set.

Newly Released Book Helps Parents Deal with Loss of Baby

A new book is helping parents deal with the intense trauma and complex emotions they must address after losing a young child.

New Children's Picture Book Is a Must-Read for Big Brothers and Sisters to Be

Juju's Big Surprise, created by MindStir Media author Tanja Huston, has recently been launched. The author was inspired to write this book about a fun, smart and energetic character after her battle with breast cancer. At 24 pages, this hardcover children's picture book is a quick and entertaining read for children of ages 6-8.

Beautiful Is Black by Serenity Anderson Just Released

LogoA just-published book by a children's literature writer, Serenity Anderson, Beautiful Is Black deals with equality, self-esteem, uniqueness, bullying and acceptance. The book aims to improve self-esteem in children, encourage tolerance, and heighten morale.

Focus Martial Arts Offers Children Training of Self Defense

The society of today is a lot more demanding then it was a few years ago. Even though Australia is a safe country to live in and there be rare cases of criminal offenses against peaceful citizens, one can never be too sure when a convict attacks and causes irreparable damage. Children in Brisbane must be able to defend themselves against people may physically harm them. Regardless of whether the threat comes from a school bully or a criminal with a gun, children must be able to know how to keep their mind alert and to neutralize the threat by safest means possible.