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Children's Charities, Inc. Empowers Students with Their Back to School Program

For families with children who have cancer or another serious disease, heading back to school can be a stressful time. Between medical bills, treatments, and other expenses, finances for these families can be tight, and they might not be able to afford new clothes for their children. Through car donations in Monmouth County, NJ, American Children's Society, Inc. helps to provide clothing for these young students with their Back to School Program.

Parenting Coach and Author, Liu Yang Releases Practical Handbook Entitled, "The Mother's Manual"

Written to give parents the "how-to" manual that babies don't generally come with, author Liu Yang has released the first in a series of books about parenting. The Mother's Manual has made its way to digital shelves to inspire parents of children from birth to five-years-old. Highlighting the importance of bonding in the early years, the book touches on brain research to shed light on the behavior patterns of children as well. Combining timely information with over twenty years of experience working with children and their parents, Yang reinforces the need to understand family dynamics in a new way.

Unprecedented CompassionCan' Social Media Campaign Set to Change the Lives of Single Parents with Sick Children

LogoOver 25 million eyes are on Compassion Can't Wait as celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, and influencers are flooding their own social media accounts speaking of their mission in their own voices. Their goal is to recruit their own followers to raise money for (@CompassionCantWait), by posting across their social media platforms. This foundation doesn't give advice; they help financially in 24 hours to pay mortgages, car repairs, insurance, and utility bills when families have run out of all resources or places to turn to. Having been active since 1998, they have quietly given away over 8 million dollars to 13,000 single-parent families in urgent need of financial help.

Purchases Go Toward Helping Fund Charities at

LogoLisa is proud to announce the launch of her new website venture, The online store offers new parents and caregivers a one-stop shop for all of their baby accessories at a price that won't break the bank. Shoppers looking for products for the nursery will appreciate the huge selection of furniture, including cribs, bassinets and playards, as well as accessories like mobiles, bedding, sleeping clothes and more. Feeding time is a whole lot easier with the right supplies, which is exactly what customers will find on the website, including nursing and breast pump accessories, highchairs, bowls, sippy cups and so much more.

An Engineer's Life Planned via Backward Design

LogoAuthor Naeem K. Turner-Bandele may be an outlier, but his progress thus far has not been the result of luck. That is of course unless you define 'luck' as the Roman philosopher, Seneca, did "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Monarch Montessori Highlights How Multi-Age Grouping Enhances the Learning Experience

LogoMulti-age grouped classrooms are not very common in the United States, but Monarch Montessori uses this technique to enhance the learning experience of their students. They stand out from of Passaic County, NJ childcare providers because the follow the American Montessori Society's (AMS) guidelines for a Montessori education, which has five core components.

This National Head Lice Awareness Month, Advice on Lice Inc. Educates Parents How to Prevent Head Lice in Children

In the spirit of National Head Lice Awareness Month, Advice on Lice Inc., a renowned Head Lice Removal Service provider in MD, is encouraging schools, parents, and pediatricians to become more involved in the prevention and education on the topic of head lice and nits. September is also back-to-school month and heading back to school can be an overwhelming time for kids, the teachers, and the parents. In this back-to-school season, the company is spreading awareness among parents to recognize the early warning signs of head lice infestation in their children. Their awareness program educates parents about how to protect their children from unnecessary risky pesticide treatments.

New OTT Operator Adds the First and Only Children's Music Channel in the World to Their Lineup

LogoLollykids TV is an all-new premium music channel fully dedicated to the needs of kids & teens from 6-16 years old, bringing together the musical talent of the youngest musicians, singers, and dancers. Lollykids TV is jam-packed with kids & teens songs, live performances from live artists, local songs in more than 100 different languages, dance choreographies, tutorials and advice for improving kids' performance skills and gaining a real experience of music making.

Learning with Laughter, Wouldn't That Be a Great Idea

It's always nice to hear a little positivity, especially, when there is so much "noise" around us. The hosts at Blog Talk Radio, "Your Personal GPS" do just that, promote positivity.

Little Labradoodle Publishing Launches Picture Book on Kickstarter with Disney Illustrator & Rave Reviews

Launched by Little Labradoodle Publishing and overflowing with illustrations from the man who created Disney's Toon Town, a new picture book on Kickstarter raises the bar for tikes. The Little Labradoodle: Puppy Pickup Day picture book tells the story of an adorable pup that gets lost on an important day for a canine in need of a family. But will the runt hero of the story make the cut?

Cherie Binstead Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Interactive Children's Book Series

Binsteads on Tour is an inspiring book series for children and it is written by an Australian mother Cherie Binstead. This fun and interactive book series is colorful and uses a narrative style in order to connect with the children of all age groups quickly. Cherie has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for the series, and she is welcoming everyone for generous backing.

Bobbi-Toads Launches New Bobbi-Dobbiez Accessories for Back-to-School

LogoBobbi-Toads, an exclusive line of customizable children's sneakers, announced today the brand's newest line of accessories, Bobbi-Dobbiez, 2" plush accessories in time for the back-to-school season. Bobbi-Dobbiez features a patent-pending slip, clip, and go™ velcro strap on the back of four different styles of colorful, trendy, and unique characters that easily attach and detach for use on shoes, backpacks, belt loops, necklaces, hair ties, school gear, and more.

Inspired by Her Young Son, Mother of Four Embarks on a Life-Changing Journey

LogoTeenagers are known to challenge their parents from time-to-time. Sometimes the challenge is over something small, like negotiating for a later curfew, but for one family in Daytona Beach, Florida, it was a rebellion that threatened to alter the course of their life.

Newly Launched Jiffi Baby Portable Bottle Warmer Set Puts Innovation for Tots on Tap

LogoWho would have thought innovation could revolutionize something as simple as a baby formula dispenser/bottle warmer? It's true. Gone are the days of laborious night feeds and messy on-the-go feedings. Welcome to baby formula preparation for the jet set. Now, formula can be thoroughly prepared and ready to guzzle in fifteen seconds from anywhere, anytime. How so? Simply, with a few pumps and a twist. Enter, the Jiffi Portable Bottle Warmer Set and welcome, compact convenience.

A Fantasy Adventure Story for Children Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Miniecello & The Knights of Valor is an upcoming epic fantasy adventure story that is written by a Dallas based American artist and author Seth D. Braun. The book is about a story of a loveable mouse, which stumbles into a secret society of animals and tries balancing good and evil, while getting caught up in an epic quest to save the world. Moreover, this amazing children's book is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and everyone is being welcomed to support this project.

The First Company in America to Help Children of the Opioid Crisis Is Here

LogoThe Future Clothing is the first company fully dedicated to helping children affected by America's current Opioid Crisis. They launched online Tuesday, June 26th and are offering exclusive and limited quantity items at or at They believe that the children traumatized by this epidemic have been forgotten and are not getting the proper support needed. They don't consider themselves a clothing company, but instead as a movement to help these children.

A Hullabaloo and a Mouse in a Shoe Is an Entertaining Tale Celebrating Family Diversity

LogoIn today's modern times, the family unit is no longer the same as it once was. Rather than the traditional family structure of a mother, father, and children, today's families may have two mothers, two fathers, or only a single parent. Many families have gone through divorce or have blended their families after subsequent marriages. Adoptions and foster arrangements are also common.

Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy – Separating Immigrant Children Is Child Abuse with Troubling Consequences

LogoLietta Ryan, Executive Director of American Society for the Positive Care of Children (American SPCC) announced that the organization is joining other child authorities to say the treatment of immigrant children under the White House's Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy is completely unacceptable. It's child abuse.

Remove the Frustration from Diaper Changing with Slick Diapers

LogoSlick Diapers, the revolutionary new diapers that make changing diapers a quick, easy and effortless process, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

An Inspiring New Children's Book Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Mikko Lives in Mexico: Adventures in Yelapa is an inspiring new children's book by Jennifer Alonzo and Mikko Cruz. The book is about a Mexican kid named Mikko, who lives in a tiny sleeping fishing village named Yelapa in Mexico. The book has an aim to introduce children with Spanish culture and language to the children and motivate them to learn Spanish as their second language.

Baby Natura Unveils Range of Healthy Baby Food

Baby Natura has introduced its range of Baby Food that is 100% natural, vegetarian, lactose free and a whole lot more, which makes it the ideal foundation for babies.

Connecting Hearts Florida Home Studies for Adoption

Connecting Hearts specializes in home studies for adoption throughout Florida and is offering free services throughout their website including a checklist which can be downloaded and/or printed. The checklist covers everything that will be needed for the adoption home study including documents that need to be gathered, forms that need to be filled and other information. The company specializes in Florida adoption services and its team has decades of experience in the field.

An Inspiring Educator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Teach Children How to Read

LogoZoie Way is an inspiring Canadian educator, who is currently teaching English abroad in Hong Kong. With her years of experience and innovative teaching skills, she has successfully developed a series of two books called Quick Fix Phonics for Reading – The Maelan Way™, designed for teachers and parents to teach children how to read English words. The series of two books can be mastered within four hours and is particularly designed for those who want to help their children or students blend different alphabet sounds and gain the ability to read English words easily.'s New Diaper Bag Has Answered the Prayers of Many Parents with Newly Born Kids

LogoThere's a number of difficult elements involved in being a mother, and undoubtedly the hardest one among them is having to carry around one's babies diapers. Normal purses are simply not big enough to carry enough, and having a large backpack is just too hard.

Children of the Badjado Tribe Face Disease and Infection

Photographer David Murphey has released a portfolio of photographs documenting the living conditions of the Badjado Tribe in Barra, Philippines.