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Will Apple, Google, Microsoft Employees Courageously Do Lunch Different and Set an Example for 50 Million Students or Will They Chicken Out?

A Dallas-based, woman-owned startup is stepping out of their comfort zone to launch one of the biggest corporate challenges in history. They're challenging Apple, Google, and Microsoft to The Do Lunch Different (DLD) Challenge. The challenge is simple; which company can get the highest percentage of employees to eat lunch with random co-workers? The founders started the challenge to raise awareness and funds to bring The DLD Challenges to high schools throughout America.

Eagle House Group Is Offering Training for Parents to Develop Their Understanding of Autism

One of the most sought after autism schools in London, Eagle House Group is now offering training for parents to develop their understanding of Autism and help them to improve their child's home life. Taking part in these training sessions will help parents to find answers and discover new solutions about Autism, as well as connecting with others in a similar situation. These sessions are targeted to assist parents in finding out more about their child's autism, what they can do to support them, how they can teach their child the essential life skills that other children seem to simply "pick up", and generally to understand them better.

The Breastfeeding Shop Announces Spectra Baby USA Brand Breast Pumps Are Available at No Cost Through Insurance on Their Website

LogoThe Breastfeeding Shop, a national supplier of breast pumps covered by insurance, is pleased to announce that Spectra Baby USA brand breast pumps are available at no cost through insurance on their site. Since Spectra Baby USA was founded, they have been dedicated to helping moms acquire breast pumps that are not only effective but also innovative and stylish. The company also takes pride in being owned and operated by Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Registered Nurses, all of whom are moms themselves.

Supotco Launches New Child Protection App

Supotco, who champion simplified child protection in the digital age, has created an innovative solution for parents the world over who are concerned about their children's safety when using mobile phones.

Kids' New Ally "The Little Whimpos"

Anniston-based writer & illustrator Jeffery Williams has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his new-age fun book package for kids, "The Little Whimpos Meet the Giant Ogre" and "The Little Whimpos Coloring, Counting and Alphabet 'We Can Learn' Activity". The book package also includes a cute diary entitled as "Lady Whimpo's Secret of A Girl's Heart Diary".

Rocky Mountain Surrogacy Gives Birth to New Hope for Motherhood

LogoAs the 10th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain Surrogacy, LLC approaches, the center has a lot to celebrate. With the birth of 136 babies since its opening, Rocky Mountain Surrogacy has made the dream of new motherhood come true across the United States.

Aidee Baby's New Multi-Use Cover Gives Mothers the Confidence to Nurse in Style Whenever, Wherever

LogoFew bonds are greater than the one between a nursing child and its mother. Many mothers, however, find that nursing in public is uncomfortable for them and wish there was an option that would allow them to do so without trepidation. Fortunately, one Los Angeles-based company has stepped up and developed the perfect product for mothers the world over. Few companies take the bond between mother and child – and how mothers feel about expressing this bond – as seriously as Aidee Baby. The young business is excited to share with the public the launch of their new wearable nursing covers / baby wearing jackets in order that the special union between mother and child remain unbroken regardless of environment and circumstances.

TMD Global Enterprises Launches Website Featuring a One-Stop Baby Supply Shop

LogoThomas M. Donatelli is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of baby supplies with a particular focus on baby toys from the top brands, baby clothes from formal to active apparel, baby diapers and ointments, and baby health products. Donatelli was inspired by the excitement that surrounds a newborn and the desire of proud parents to make sure that their baby has everything he or she needs to stay healthy and show his or her inner glow. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Donatelli wanted to help others get the products they need to ensure their baby is comfortable and stylish every day.

Children's Author Set to Raise $15,000 to Blast a Series of Books About a 6 Year Old Boy Into Orbit

Children love to learn new things; they have an inbuilt drive to find and master new experiences, and that is one of the reasons parents and guardians introduce their young child to books and the exciting stories, adventures and ideas that they contain. Providing stimulating reading material for children, and reading aloud to young ones is one of the best ways to create a child that will be open to different ways of doing things and one who will succeed. With a burning desire to bequeath such of these materials to kids, and to allow them to explore the adventurous world in a fascinating way, Matthew Newnham, a passionate writer, wrote and launched the book — Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure.

Stay at Home Mother of Two Invents Innovative Self-Feeding Baby Spoon - Yummy Spoon

A stay at home mother of two's 'Yummy Spoon' invention was named the "Best New Product" of 2016 by ECRM and Drug Store News. An award voted on by some of the nation's largest retailers attending the ECRM tradeshow in Orlando, FL. It was selected over major brands in the baby product industry. The Yummy Spoon is the world's only self-feeding baby spoon designed to feed whole bananas, whole avocados, sweet potatoes, pureed fruits & vegetables, oatmeal and all other types of homemade baby food recipes. It works by inserting a whole food, such as an entire banana, squeezing the Yummy Spoon to puree its contents, and then squeezing it through an opening onto the bowl of the spoon. Introduces a Myriad of Baby Products at Attractive Prices

LogoPeople who wish to have quality baby products at affordable rates can consider the aforementioned website. It is a comprehensive online portal that offers some of the latest and best products available in the niche. From car baby accessories to toys and carriers, there are a number of options to choose from.

The Oratory School Is Organizing a Multi-Sports Summer Camp for Boys and Girls Ages 8 to 13

An HMC Catholic Independent Boys' Day and Boarding School, The Oratory School is set to run a multi-sports summer camp at their newly refurbished Oratory Sports Centre. This summer camp will be held between 1st August and 19th August 2016 and is aimed at boys and girls aged 8 to 13 years old. The Oratory Multi-Sport Camp will be led by a team of qualified and dedicated staff to provide a safe, fun and stimulating place for children to learn and play sports during the school holidays. This camp costs £30 per day or £120 for the week and will run from 9am to 5pm daily. It will include various sports activities such as football, swimming, rugby, cricket, tennis, netball, badminton, swimming and hockey. Children are able to choose which sports they want to play. Parents who want to send their child to The Oratory Multi-Sport Camp can get in touch today.

Montessori Schools Are More Popular Than Ever

LogoThe Montessori instruction method started back over one hundred years ago when Dr. Maria Montessori decided to take a unique approach to schooling young children in Italy. Since then, the trend has gradually made its way across the globe to the United States, and it is currently trendier than ever. Many attribute the open-mindedness of parents to the explosion of readily available information due to internet advances and social media sharing. Today, parents believe in Montessori's freedom-based method that allows children to learn with others at their own pace. Teaching no longer centers on memorization and strict curriculums, and children from New Jersey to California are reaping the benefits of this innovative approach. Offers Baby Products of the Highest Quality Now Available at the Cheapest Prices

Here is a good news that may excite those who are on the look-out for high quality baby products. is offering baby products of the highest quality. The company points out that they are offering products that include baby car accessories such as rear facing baby car mirrors, stroller, stroller organizer, children toys, games, baby carriers and so on.

Peanut Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Her Special Gift to Young People Everywhere

LogoMichal Karmi, better known as "Peanut" to all of her fans, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to bring her unique brand of happiness to households everywhere. This campaign has a funding goal of $35,000, which needs to be raised in order to produce Peanut's new album "Ampersandwich" and make the Peanut TV show a reality. Ampersandwich, is a magical story of friendship, exploration and adventure. It focuses on the experiences of two friends who stumble upon a secret world: the land of Ampersandwich. In conjunction with this new album, Peanut and company also hope to bring the world an extra special one of a kind TV experience. Peanut states, "We want to build a world where imagination, humor, positivity, and interaction will not only entertain, but also develop and inspire."

iPracticeMath Makes Summer Math Exciting

LogoWith summer here, doing math probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. For some, it's a mandatory chore and, for others, a chance to refresh or get ahead. Either way, math doesn't have to be dreaded or ignored; it can be something to look forward to – something fun and exhilarating! No one knows how to better make this a reality than iPracticeMath. With nearly five years of pioneering a new way to experience math education online, iPracticeMath boasts an enormous repertoire of exciting and challenging ways to learn math.

Natural Health First's Back to School Supplies

LogoWith so many students of all ages going back to school, the chances of catching a bug only increase and sickness inevitably follows. Schools are environments where germs can be particularly prevalent and easily spread. From elementary to college students, everyone faces the challenge of keeping themselves from getting a cold, the flu, or perhaps something even worse. As a parent of students both young and old know all too well, these school-derived illnesses can come home and spread to the entire household and every one of its members.

Parents Turn to MagneTime Building Block Toy to Keep Children Entertained in the Holidays

With the holidays here, millions of parents are now looking for ways to keep their children entertained. One popular method is the MagneTime Club Building Block Toy. The toy that allows children to express themselves and use their imagination has become a huge hit with parents. Now, the company is pleased to report they have seen a huge increase in the number of their products being sold during the holidays.

The Breastfeeding Shop Announces Medela Brand Breast Pumps Are Available at No Cost Through Insurance on Their Website

LogoThe Breastfeeding Shop, a national resource for electric breast pumps covered by insurance, is pleased to announce that Medela brand breast pumps are available at no cost through insurance on their user-friendly site. Since the company's founding, Medela has been dedicated to helping moms successfully breastfeed their babies by not only providing them with quality products, but also guidance and education.

Innovative New Game for Kids Fills the Pre-Literacy Gap with Creative Autonomous Play

Color Clues, a creative new game that involves an app, color sequencing tiles, and treasure hunts, solves an essential problem for parents looking for ways to engage their pre-literate pre-school and kindergarten aged children with autonomous play. It allows young children to hunt for clues, problem solve, and develop critical thinking skills, while having fun, all on their own.

Trim Tearlessy and Fearlessly with Baby Comfy Nail

LogoCaring for a baby is a serious undertaking which entails a tremendous amount of responsibility, self-education, and compassion. From head to toe – a baby's physical well-being should be of the utmost concern to parents and a baby's nails are no exception to this. Pediatricians recommend trimming a baby's nails at least once a week so that they don't hurt themselves by scratching their faces and eyes. Baby nail clippers on the market have lights, special handles, magnifying glasses and more which are all supposed to make clipping a baby's nails easier. While that's all well and good, this still doesn't solve the biggest problem: the blade. Fortunately, there is one product on the market that takes into account perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to baby nail clippers.

Early Child Development Provides a Foundation for a Prosperous and Successful Life Says MagneTime

The early years of childhood development are crucial to the development of the brain and mental functions. Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child has summarised its essential scientific findings on the science of early childhood development, explaining how important it is for a child to start learning from a young age and help their brain develop. To help improve a child's educational development, MagneTime has launched the colorful Building Block Set, which contains 30 magnetic building block pieces with 12 triangle and 18 square shapes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Capture and Share Important Baby Moments with 'Me, You & the Zoo Box'

LogoMe, You & The Zoo Box, a new, card-based approach to capturing specific baby moments, sharing memories and communication, and engaging children visually through highly-contrasted composition, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing for the production of the card sets.

Nature Comes to Life in New Children's Christmas Book

The inspiration for Emilie Eklin Khair's unique new children's book, Kudzu for Christmas, came from a very unlikely place— kudzu vines. Driving her two sons and their friends to school every day, Emilie began creating games to pass the time. She would point to the mounds of green that covered trees and electrical lines and ask the boys to identify the shapes. The game of finding imaginary creatures within the kudzu leaves was a carpool favorite.

Total Selling Amount of Fascol Company Has Exceeded the Micro Kickboard

LogoThe total sales amount of the Fascol company has exceeded the Micro kickboard by June 24th, 2016. It symbolized that Fascol company has become the champion in the baby product field especially in the children's kick board field.